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Zig-Zag Kiln
Q-1: What are the advantages of Zig-zag kiln over other technologies?

Ans:  Zig-zag kilns offer 15-20% reduction in Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) and upto 75% reduction in SPM emissions over FC-BTK.

A higher percentage of Class I bricks are produced as compared to FC-BTK (80-85% Class I bricks as compared to 55-60% in FC-BTK). There is an option for easy retrofit of FC-BTK to natural draught Zig-zag kiln.

Q-2: Is Zig-zag kiln economically feasible?

Ans:  Yes, Zig-zag kilns are economically feasible. There are two economic advantages:

1. Savings from reduced fuel consumption and increase in revenue due to higher percentage of Class I bricks.

2. Capital cost of retrofitting of existing FC-BTKs ranges from INR 10-25 lakhs and pays back in 3 months-2 years. However, for a new construction, capital cost ranges from INR 35-45 lakhs natural draught kiln and INR 40-45 lakh for a high draught kiln. The payback period for new construction of Zig-zag kiln is 2-3 years.

Q-3: What is the production capacity of a Zig-zag kiln?

Ans:  Zig-zag kilns can have production capacity of 10,000-40,000 bricks per day.

Q-4: Is it possible to produce good quality bricks from Zig-zag kilns?

Ans:  Class I bricks with compressive strength of 100-300 kg/cm2 can be produced by Zig-zag kilns.

Q-5: What type of soil is suitable for firing in Zig-zag kilns?

Ans:  All type of soils which are suitable for brick production can be fired in Zig-zag kilns.

Q-6: What type of bricks can be fired in Zig-zag kiln?

Ans: A large variety of clay products ranging from hand moulded solid bricks, machine moulded perforated bricks, hollow clay blocks as well as clay roof tiles can be fired in zig-zag kilns.

Q-7: What type of fuel can be used in Zig-zag kiln?

Ans:  Like FC-BTK, Zig-zag kilns also require solid fuels for firing. However, a variety of fuels including both inferior and superior fuels can be used in Zig-zag kilns. Some of the fuels currently being used are saw dust, low and high grade coal, pet coke, agricultural residue etc. As Zig-zag kiln is an energy efficient technology, it requires less fuel than FC-BTK.

Q-8: Are skilled manpower required to operate Eco-Kiln?

Ans:  Yes, Zig-zag kiln required skilled manpower for its operation. However, the same workforce working in FC-BTK can be easily trained for operating Zig-zag kilns. 4 persons are required for firing at a 6 hour shift.

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