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Fixed Chimney-Bull’s Trench Kiln
Fixed Chimney Bulls’ Trench Kiln (FC-BTK) is an improvement from the movable chimney kilns. They are more efficient than movable chimney kilns as they consume less fuel hence, less emissions. The case studies of FC-BTKs operating in various regions of Bihar and Odisha are documented.

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sh Brick Technology
Fly ash is produced during the combustion of coal in thermal power plants. It is being accumulated as waste material in large quantities near thermal power plants. The fly ash brick technology is a suitable way to utilize the waste. These bricks can be extensively used in all building constructional activities similar to that of common burnt clay bricks. The case studies of fly ash brick units in Maharashtra and Odisha are documented.

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Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln
VSBK is an environment friendly and energy efficient technology for fired clay brick production. This technology was developed in China in 1970s as a rural brick producing enterprise. It was introduced at pilot scale in India in 1996. This document elaborates on the benefits of VSBK followed by success stories of VSBKs operating in different places in Odishao

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